Thursday, August 25, 2011

Next idea....

I just talked with our realtor today and we are going to try doing some advertising in different areas.  Instead of trying to get people to come from the south to the north....we are going to try to get the northerners to come south!!  Soooooo, going to try advertising more in the Ann Arbor and Dundee area.  Hey I say it is worth the try :)  Why not???  I am down with mixing it up a bit!!

Now this is just my thought buuuutttttt I think we should put this picture in the paper ;) 

Hahhaha now THAT would be the mother of all bait and switches!!  Ok, ok I am just kidding.  Gonna stick with our REAL picture for the ad.

On another note.  Did anybody notice the new feature I added to the blog tonight???  First one that answers correctly gets a ....... 

I know, I know...this picture caused plenty of nightmares for a lifetime the first time I used it but I just couldn't refuse.  Again, first one that answers wins!!!!!

I gotta admit that I am BUSHED tonight so I am going to keep it brief.  Had a crazy day at the office and am ready to call it a night!!  Soooo until tomorrow!!!  Tonight I will be dreaming of this....

our dream house.......


  1. The link to your realtor listing?

  2. You got it!!! I will send the Bozo Badge to you AND Laurie. Laurie was the first on FB and you were the first in the comments :P NICE WORK!

  3. I see you did your email to, is that for Overstock? Katie