Monday, August 22, 2011

I NEED this wallpaper!

Yeah, yeah so NEED is a bit of an overstatement!!  However I really WANT this wallpaper for my future dining room.  I know my mommy is reading this and she is shaking her head.  She is saying "Mindy, you will be kicking yourself when you are tired of this wallpaper and you have to scrape it all off!"  So here it is.... 

 It is white and silver and I love, love, LOVE it!!!  I would only put it on one accent wall then paint the others.  Sweet jesus, did I mention that I love this?
Ok, there is one catch.  Guess how much ONE roll of this is????  Wait for it and scroll down!!!

132 BUCKS!!!

Yeah something tells me I need to find myself a part time job so I can get that wallpaper and the d*mn pendant lights I want from  Ahhhhhhh a girl can dream!!  Mark my words...they will be mine!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is very nice. Might need to get a professional to put it on the wall :-)