Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey do you remember a couple months ago when I said that I really wanted two of these for my future master bedroom???

Well you may not, but I did!!!  Thankfully you still have them for sale on line but the price has NOT dropped...not even one little bit.  Are you sure you don't feel the need to send me two to try them out and write up a review??  I mean, I'm just sayin' is all!!  If the only hold up is getting my address....just let me know and I can hook you up :D

Anywho, going to dig a up 3 hastas we have here and go plant them on the property so they can grow until we need them for the new house.  Then I am going to finish up my landscaping and I should be golden.  HOWEVER, let me just tell you that the mulch I was using smelled like manure and my hands smelled like the Monroe County Fair no matter how many times I washed them yesterday.  Say it with me....SICK!!!

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