Monday, November 28, 2011

Missed it by THAT much.

Latest update:  I called (the day before Thanksgiving) the guy who made the last offer on our house.  I told him our realtor was willing to throw in $500 if his realtor was willing to do the same.  Well, he followed up that tidbit of info with, "actually we're going to look at another house today and if I like it I will be putting in an offer."  I said oh ok, well thank you....he said "well, wait, wait if that doesn't work out then I will talk to our realtor and see what we can work out." 
Like I said that was 5 days ago.  I am going to go ahead and assume that since I haven't heard boo, that they must have worked out something on the other house.

What a bummer that we were soooooooooo close yet soooooooo far.  Let's hope that last couple who had grandpa footin' the bill for their first house, come back! 

 Dear Santa:  All I want for Christmas it to sell my house!!  Do you think you could help a sister out? 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How can being so close seem so far?

So, we were able to get closer because our realtor offered to throw some money at the deal if the buyers' realtor would do the same.  Sooooooooo now we are a mere $3,000 apart.  How can being so close seem so far??? I don't know but it just seems impossible! 

For those of you that know my hubby, you know just how stubborn he is.  So I worry that he will really just walk away from the deal.  I dunno but I really hope we can make this work.  I emailed the other realtor directly to let her know what our realtor had offered up and asked her to let her clients know (oh and to see if she was willing to do the same).  Well that was at 2:30 today and I haven't heard a thing. 

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would somebody just make this work out SOON so I can move on???

We're getting closer.....

We've closed the gap a little bit!  So stay tuned (again!), and I hope to come back with good news....SOON!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

There is a small light at the end of the tunnel!

Yep you read that right.  Just when we thought all hope was lost Ryan got a phone call.  The guy that put the last offer on our house works with one of his uncles.  First thing Friday morning Ryan got a call from his uncle. 
This guy and his wife really want the house and wanted to talk with us directly to try and come to an agreement on the price.  Ryan's aunt dropped the phone number off Friday night. 

Wellllll of course Ryan waited until today to call him and the second round of negotiations began.  Ryan told him what we HAVE to have.  He said he needed to talk with his wife and would call back.  Got a call back less than 5 minutes later and they came up $5,000.  Ryan told him he needed to talk to me and would call HIM back.  Needless to say we still are holding firm with what we told him on the first call.  That call was 6 hours ago and Ryan still hadn't called him back to tell him.  I just MADE Ryan call him back and he got his voicemail.  Sooooo we told him we wouldn't go below the first number and to call us back if he was still interested.  As of right now we are a MERE $4,000 apart on our numbers.

Let me just tell you what $4,000 equates to over 30 years......18 BUCKS PER MONTH!!!!  I was really hoping to have a resolution tonight so I could sleep.  Looks like a sleepless night ahead for me!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just as fast as it came it went!!

Yep, you guessed it!!  They didn't accept and didn't counter :(  Soooooo basically they wanted us to give them our home for $23,000 under the asking price!!  I mean REALLY?!?!?!  Now $23K may not seem like alot when your asking $400K.....but $23K less when you are asking $154K is a bit offensive. 
So to that I say this......... 

Sooooooo I guess back to the drawing board we go!!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No news is good news...

Or is no news just NO NEWS?!?!?!? Hmmmmmm not sure what the right answer is :)  I really have to believe that if they were going to reject our offer they would have just let us know!!  Soooo I continue to remain optimistic!!  Woohhooooo!  Let me go with being cautiously optimistic.  Soooooo I will continue to refresh my email non-stop tomorrow in hopes I get an update!! 

Wow, keep those fingers crossed for me this time.  Even Ryan is feeling this HAS to be it. I will let you all know as soon as I know!!

The stress of it all!

I was good and calm this morning!  Now as the hours tick by and I hear nothing I am starting to freak out a bit.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Hurry make them come back with an answer!!!  Grrrrrr, I can't take it much longer!! 

Yep that is pretty much exactly what I look like right now!!!!  Ugggghhhhhhhh.....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And we wait!!

Met with Doug tonight and we wrote up our counter-offer!  We were a ways apart on our numbers but I am feeling good.  I think in this day and age people come in and try to low ball ya right off the get go....just to see if you are that desperate!

I assume they will submit our counter offer in the morning so until then we wait!!!

******with our fingers crossed******

Wait for it......

WE GOT AN OFFER!!!!  It wasn't bad but a bit low!!!  I had to share for my loyal followers out there!!  Didn't want to jinx it but I had to share!!!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed :) :) :)


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Maybe I am or maybe I am!!

Ok, so I just gotta say that I always joke about being psychic but I mean come on...I was totally right on today!! 

 Ryan and I were headed for Toledo first thing this morning.  On our way I said that I thought I needed to check my email on my phone cuz I thought I was going to hear from our realtor today.  Well I checked and nothing so I thought ok, well maybe I am a little off.  

Sure enough we went to my mom and dad's for dinner tonight (and I left my phone at home) and when I got home I had 2 missed calls and 2 new voicemails.  Yep, you guessed it!!  Both messages were from our realtor letting us know that somebody wanted to see the house and they wanted to see it at 9:00 am TOMORROW!!  Sooo just when I thought I was going home to chill out this evening, I spent the night mopping floors and scrubbing toilets.  Ahhhhhhh this is the life of having your house for sale!!

As always.......*fingers crossed*

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why does it keep coming back??

Ok, so this blog has nothing to do with building a new house, a tv show or selling our house.

This is about the..........McRib!!  Uggghhhh man, those commercials just make me sick every time I see them.  I can't believe that there are enough people out there that buy them to keep them coming back year to year. 

 Just look at it!!  Nothing about that looks like an actual rack of ribs!!  Can you tell that I am pretty passionate about this topic.  Ewwwwwww I just want to know what it is made out of.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a good Quarter Pounder with Cheese after a long race but I will gladly pass on the McRib any day of the week!

Have no fear I will be back with real estate talk tomorrow.

HOWEVER, tonight, I want to know who has ever actually consumed one of the infamous McRibs?  Leave your confessions in the comments below!!  Until tomorrow.....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our WHAT is too big????

I just knew that would get your attention.  Soooo we showed the house this past Sunday and I pulled out all the stops.  I hit a local nursery on my lunch hour on Friday and picked up some seasonal goodies.....

I am a TOTAL sucker for anthing mini...I mean COME ON, how cute are they?  You know what I am NOT a sucker for?  They also had mini bales of straw for $6.99.  Uhhmmmmm not that big of a sucker.  I think you can get a full size bale for like 3 bucks.  Whatevs!!

Oh and these in the bathroom along with the glow-in-the-dark skeleton soap that my SIL, Johnna gave me.  It is soooooo cute.  However Halloween is over so the kids better start doin' a whole lotta hand washing.

It was the absolute perfect fall day to show the house.  Not too cold, the sun was shining and and the leaves were falling!!

Look at it!!  It was indeed a perfect morning.

I was so determined to roll with the whole fall ambiance that I decided to make some homemade applesauce.  Eh, looks pretty good huh??

Nope Martha, I already have a full time job.  I can't come join you on your TV show.  It really did smell that good!  If I only had smell-o-vision!

So back to the title of the blog! 

The people that showed up were a young couple. They ended up staying for about 40 minutes so we felt good about it.
Our realtor got some feedback.....they are first time buyers and this was the first house they looked at.  They said they liked the house and it showed very nice!  However they said they thought the fridge was too big for the kitchen.  Hahahahha!!  How weird is that comment???  It is a really big, professional stainless steel fridge.  If my camera wasn't such a POS I would have posted a couple pictures.  I will try to tomorrow.

We have a really nice, smaller black fridge in the garage.  Sooooooo I think we are gonna move that bad boy into the kitchen.  Gonna shrink wrap the stainless steel fridge and save it for the new house.  It's all about saving a few bucks!!