Sunday, November 20, 2011

There is a small light at the end of the tunnel!

Yep you read that right.  Just when we thought all hope was lost Ryan got a phone call.  The guy that put the last offer on our house works with one of his uncles.  First thing Friday morning Ryan got a call from his uncle. 
This guy and his wife really want the house and wanted to talk with us directly to try and come to an agreement on the price.  Ryan's aunt dropped the phone number off Friday night. 

Wellllll of course Ryan waited until today to call him and the second round of negotiations began.  Ryan told him what we HAVE to have.  He said he needed to talk with his wife and would call back.  Got a call back less than 5 minutes later and they came up $5,000.  Ryan told him he needed to talk to me and would call HIM back.  Needless to say we still are holding firm with what we told him on the first call.  That call was 6 hours ago and Ryan still hadn't called him back to tell him.  I just MADE Ryan call him back and he got his voicemail.  Sooooo we told him we wouldn't go below the first number and to call us back if he was still interested.  As of right now we are a MERE $4,000 apart on our numbers.

Let me just tell you what $4,000 equates to over 30 years......18 BUCKS PER MONTH!!!!  I was really hoping to have a resolution tonight so I could sleep.  Looks like a sleepless night ahead for me!

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  1. There comes that point that when you really look at the difference and what you really want and what they really could offer when a mutual number comes about. Plus if they really piss you of you could be a jerk and take EVERYTHING with you or leave a lot of junk behind for them to deal with-we have done both!