Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our WHAT is too big????

I just knew that would get your attention.  Soooo we showed the house this past Sunday and I pulled out all the stops.  I hit a local nursery on my lunch hour on Friday and picked up some seasonal goodies.....

I am a TOTAL sucker for anthing mini...I mean COME ON, how cute are they?  You know what I am NOT a sucker for?  They also had mini bales of straw for $6.99.  Uhhmmmmm not that big of a sucker.  I think you can get a full size bale for like 3 bucks.  Whatevs!!

Oh and these in the bathroom along with the glow-in-the-dark skeleton soap that my SIL, Johnna gave me.  It is soooooo cute.  However Halloween is over so the kids better start doin' a whole lotta hand washing.

It was the absolute perfect fall day to show the house.  Not too cold, the sun was shining and and the leaves were falling!!

Look at it!!  It was indeed a perfect morning.

I was so determined to roll with the whole fall ambiance that I decided to make some homemade applesauce.  Eh, looks pretty good huh??

Nope Martha, I already have a full time job.  I can't come join you on your TV show.  It really did smell that good!  If I only had smell-o-vision!

So back to the title of the blog! 

The people that showed up were a young couple. They ended up staying for about 40 minutes so we felt good about it.
Our realtor got some feedback.....they are first time buyers and this was the first house they looked at.  They said they liked the house and it showed very nice!  However they said they thought the fridge was too big for the kitchen.  Hahahahha!!  How weird is that comment???  It is a really big, professional stainless steel fridge.  If my camera wasn't such a POS I would have posted a couple pictures.  I will try to tomorrow.

We have a really nice, smaller black fridge in the garage.  Sooooooo I think we are gonna move that bad boy into the kitchen.  Gonna shrink wrap the stainless steel fridge and save it for the new house.  It's all about saving a few bucks!!

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