Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear St. Joseph

I paid good, ok good may be a bit of an over-statement...I paid money and had you shipped to my door step.  I then buried you and said the appropriate prayers.  As I see it, I upheld my end of the bargain.  Guess what?  You have NOT!! Soooooo that being said, I need your help and FAST!!!

I need you to help sell our house THIS SUNDAY!!!  Yep, we have a showing at noon on Sunday.  Apparently that whole $500 price drop did spark up a little action.  So back to you St. Joseph I really hope you can come through this weekend!  I mentioned this previously but never really followed up.  I think I need to dig up good ole St. Joseph and put him in the back yard.  Sooooooo I hope the weather cooperates so I can proceed digging up the front yard looking for a needle in a hay stack.  Come back tomorrow so I can share the action photos!  Fingers crossed Ryan remembers exactly where we buried the statue.

Well I can't chat...I have floors to mop and cobwebs to battle!!  Ugghhhh maybe I can just pass them off as Halloween decor.  I would share some pictures but I am having camera difficulties.  I should be golden tomorrow and will share then.

Thanks again to my SIL for the super cute halloween soap :)  It is a perfect little addition to the seasonal decor I scored today!!!  Until tomorrow.....*fingers crossed*

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