Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bummer dude!!

Ugghhhhhhh well not only have we not had a showing in some time but I just got the word tonight that HGTV and DIY Network turned down our show.  Man oh man we are just batting a 1000 aren't we??  This is what I have to say about it!!!

Yep I give the whole situation a big ole thumbs down!!  Boooooo hiissssssss!!!  However I guess that means that I can deal with the show idea myself.  That way I am in control of the process.  May as well give it one more try myself and see what happens!!

On a happy note today is my wonderful husband's birthday!!  The kids had a 2 hour delay so we were able to surprise Ryan with our cards and a piece of cake first thing this morning.  Look how happy he was.....

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Since I felt like I was taken over by Martha Stewart I decided to make a double batch of monster cookies for the great white hunters to take up north.  Holy cow I think I just put my NINTH dozen in the oven.  This recipe sure does go a long way....

Mmmmmmmmmm you know you want some!!  

Believe me this is the one time you would benefit from smell-o-vision!!  Sure smells good in here.  I made so many cookies I decided to take a dozen into work!!  Maybe I will score some brownie points tomorrow :)

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