Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did you miss me???

I really wanted you guys to miss me AND in order for you to miss me....I had to go away!  Lousy excuse for my recent hiatus??  Yes.  Do I have a better one?  No!!
There ya have it, my sincere apology.  In my defense I have been super busy at work and putting in some OT at home at night.  Did that gain any sympathy?  I didn't think so!  Anywho enough of my excuses I am back and ready to rock!

Wow, now THAT looks like somebody who is ready to rock!!

Onto the home front.  Hmmmmmm what do I have to share???  Oh that's right NOTHING!  Ryan and I both decided that after our last bust of an open house that we might as well stop having them.  That way we aren't wasting our time and our realtor's time!!

In case, in my 2 weeks of absence, you know of somebody looking for a new house just share this picture with them.

I haven't lost my knack for being subtle now have I???  I couldn't let you guys down now could I?

My brother doesn't know it yet but I am thinking about asking him to come over and take some pictures of the house for me with his super fancy camera.  

Oh hey look at that...he already gave me a thumbs up.  Well that looks like a yes to me!!  Thanks Tommy!!!

Nowwwwwwww onto the TV front.  As I said before I am not real happy with how things panned out.  I put a TON of work into this whole process and to just be completely ignored over the last 2 months REALLY doesn't make me happy!  Not sure if I stated this before but the woman I worked with initially got a promotion and I was just handed off to someone else.  I just KNEW this would happen!  Soooooooo I am trying to find ways to get things rolling on my own.  That way I control the process and don't have to rely on people that I have never met and only know as these virtual production people.  So I will keep rolling on.  I think I am going to put my blog up on the super fantatic D and P Communications open channel.  I gotta spread the word somehow....and you know I am always eager for some new followers....

Where do I start my harassment of the cable networks???

Or maybe here?

Not sure but I will more than happy to share my neverending journey.....

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