Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Friday (bunco) B*tches!!!

Now you hear the word bunco and I am sure the first word that comes to your mind is LAME!!!  Well I thought that too when my friends decided to put together a bunco group.  I remember the bunco group my mom played with in my younger years and they pretty much baked cakes and sh*t and those were the things they won (my mind could be a little foggy so sorry mom if you were NOT that lame).

I am sure you envision this when you think of bunco:

But ohhhhhh my friend you are completely mistaken.  I would say this more appropriately describes us broads when we show up to our once a month Friday bunco......

Yeah that's a bit more like our bunco outings.  When we get out we are like caged animals on the loose!!

(Remember the raccoon fiasco in our old house???)

To be honest with you....the whole "rolling dice" things tends to get in the way of our drinking :-)

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