Monday, April 1, 2013

Oh the little things!

Well, I think we have actually paid for all of our permits!  Whew that is a relief....a pricey BIG relief.  The final permit we had to submit moolah for was our electrical permit.  Obviously we don't even have a hole dug so WHY do we need to get it now, you ask?  Well we have to get our temporary power set up so we can, oh I don't know, build a damn house in this lifetime!!!!  All those people that will be out there working need someplace to plug their equipment into annnndddddd I don't think the neighbors will appreciate me running extension cords from their houses out to our property for the next 9 months!!

Ryan had to put together the blah, blah, blah, meter box, GFI thingy, ground fault wire, 200 amp something-or-other.  Anywho, he had to put that thing together per DTE's specifications, attach it to the pole and THEN the electrical inspector would come out to inspect it (thus the reason for the electrical permit already).  So he got it all together, attached it to the pole and the inspector came out Saturday night to inspect.  Annnnddddd drumroll please.......

Here is our first green approval sticker.  Yeah I know totally cheesy, huh?  Ryan asked me if I felt the need to frame it.  Bwhwhahhahahaa whatevs!  I think he was just as excited as I was.  Let me tell you guys.  When you have been waiting 4 years for this to happen the little things really mean alot.  Each of these little things we tick off our list just mean that we are that much closer.

Guess what we are going to order on Wednesday???  The pole barn kit!!!  Yiiiipppeeeeeee somebody better go find where we packed the karaoke machine so it can be introduced to its new home!  Soooooo that being said.......all you fockers better be ready cuz we are going to start that baby NEXT WEEKEND!!  We are taking the kids to Kalahari this weekend for one last hurrah before all the work begins.

Rumor also has it that the frost laws *might* be coming off this Friday.  If that is the case, hopefully we will be digging a hole early next week.  Seriously, could somebody pinch me?  I think this thing is really gonna happen......

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  1. So glad it is finally coming together for you. Soon you will be in your wonderful new home and loving every minute of it.