Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is how country people roll!

You can say and think what you want about country folk.  However one thing you can never say is that we're lazy!!

As you blog regulars know (and of course, those of you that were there) we started the barn this weekend!!  And wow I still cannot believe how much those boys got done in just 2 short days.

Here is the before picture after they leveled out the ground:

Theennnnn after 2 days (I would say a total of 10 hours) and plenty of Busch Light this is what we ended up with after our first big weekend of work!!

It really is crazy how much they got done.  Not to mention we worked through snow, rain, sleet and wind (oh and a robbery in town).  Nobody ever gave up and kept on truckin'.

Look they even started doing some interior decorating!!

Then on Monday the sun decided to come out which is pretty much as predictable as Michigan weather gets!  So here is the after from the driveway......

I will have a much more detailed posts with lots of good pictures but didn't have much time now.......


  1. Looks awesome! And you're welcome for all that help Dennis and I did. We were beat ;)