Thursday, April 11, 2013

The neighbors are gonna talk!

We've owned our property for the last 3 years.  We closed on it in April 2010 and then we just waited.  We waited for our damn house to sell, we waited for a year to save enough for a down payment (since I didn't want to sell a kid or a kidney for that matter) but the time has come!!
I am sure all the people in the 'hood have been wondering if we were ever going to do anything out there other than run a redneck campground.***  Well guess what showed up yesterday??

Yep that is the first load of lumber for the pole barn!!!  Wooohhooooo!  We are actually making some progress here.

Then these showed up.

Is it really sad that I was so excited I was walking around saying "awwwww our new barn door" and "awwwww our new barn windows" oh and "awwwww our new barn door knob"??  Yeah I am lame!!  (for the record I would have taken a picture of the door knob but it is mother effing gold and I am still trying to figure out a way to weasel an exchange for a silver one without Ryan knowing!)

Back to my point!  The trusses were delivered to the property today as well as a load of millings for the driveway.  I am sure people have driven by and sighed a big sigh of relief that we are going to actually build SOMETHING....and in just under 3 years time ;)

So, this weekend starts the barn raising!  So be forewarned I will be wielding a hammer (yikes!).  Oh and maybe we'll dig the basement and maybe we won't!  Mother nature has not been helpful this week.......

***Small disclaimer:  I am sure there will be more camper action this year than last year ;)


  1. What time are the barn festivities starting??

  2. I would say around 8:30 tomorrow morning Nathan :-)