Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All of a sudden things come together.

It really is amazing how, after waiting forever, things get going and I can hardly keep up with all that is going on!  Here are some action photos of the work we did on the barn this weekend.....

Here is the first truss being set.  For the record, holding the rope was my job for the first part of the morning!  Wow it was a lot of pressure.  They were all, keep it level, don't knock any more of the trusses over and hey don't knock any of the guys off the roof ;)  As I said NO PRESSURE!!

They finished all of the trusses by lunch time.  As I said, the Amish ain't got nothing on these guys!
Then they began sheeting the roof!!  I really don't know how they walk around up there like NBD...

BJ and I cheered them on from the sidelines cuz my A double S was NOT getting up on the roof!!

We even had a little birthday cake for Shawna and the twins.  Obviously this was the after shot!

On Sunday Ryan was way up there and hollered hey babe climb on up here and help me.  I looked all around to see if there was some other chick he was referring to as babe.  Nope....it was me.  Wasn't my favorite job but I did as I was told and I held on for dear life.  We did two more sections then Kenny showed up and saved the day.....he took my place WAY UP THERE.

Here is the finished product ready to be roofed!  Lookin' good.....

Then in the midst of all of the festivities on Saturday they came and put the forms in for the footers.  Now we are just waiting for the building inspector to come out and approve so they can actually pour the footers.  *Hopefully* he shows up out there ASAP today!  Fingers crossed......

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  1. omg omg...it's really happening! So glad to see beeg out and about! Next time there is cake, somebody better call me.