Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bathroom stuff....

As was obvious by my  hint, we had the vanities and vanity tops delivered for our master bath.  I found a place in Kentucky that had matching 24 inch and 36 inch vanities (obviously we have two different sizes in our master bath and MORE OBVIOUSLY the bigger one is mine).  I was totally fine with finding 2 different style vanities as long as they were both black.  Wellllll that whole idea just freaked Ryan out so I was on a mission to find matching black vanities that didn't look like your standard bathroom vanities.  Fast forward to Signature Hardware.  They are in Kentucky and offered free shipping and there was not tax either.  As if that wasn't good enough to sell me, I found black vanities that had real marble tops and under mount sinks!! Most importantly?  They were REALLY reasonably priced!  So I sucked it up and ordered them.  After all we have SO MUCH ROOM to store stuff.  I hope my in-laws don't strangle me because we are slowly starting to take over their garage.  

They finally showed up last week right around hour after the latest possible delivery a 53 footer.  I thought that it was a bit of overkill but hey it was free delivery.  They loaded the boxes right from the semi into the back of Ryan's pick up and we hauled it over to my in-laws.

I was able to sneak one (albeit crappy) picture.  Ryan is not amused by my need for pictures for my blog so he told me to make it snappy.  Here is the 36 inch vanity top!!

Everything was packaged so perfectly that we didn't dare take anything out of the boxes so I didn't get any pictures of the vanities.  Sooooo here is a link to the picture of the 36 inch base (in case you really care).  Just imagine it with that glorious marble above ;)   What can I say I am happy that I found these!

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