Monday, May 23, 2011

In the event we ever sell our house....

we really do have a house picked out.  We have our plans picked out but just haven't ordered them yet!!  Just waiting until I have a spare 2 grand laying around ;)  Hey with all this rain I might be able to go out back and pick some off the money tree!! 

 Ok, ok so we don't really have a money tree out in the backyard.  God knows if we did our house would have been built LONG AGO and I wouldn't be going through the agonizing process of selling a house in this craptastic market.  Ahhhhhhhh I digress!!

So back to my point. Our plan for our new house.  This is not going to be a mansion by any means but a mansion in our eyes.  Just a nice 4 bedroom house with a full basement....right around 2600 sq. feet!

                                                      (picture courtesy of

Oh man I love it so!!!  How I wished we could just get started.  See, it is nothing fancy and pretty traditional.....just our style :)  Honestly I really feel like I have given up all hope.  However that is NOT the attitude to have now is it?  Gotta keep a positive outlook and hope for the best!

The other major item on my check list is a St. Joseph statue.  I have to get on that!!!  So if anybody sees one while they are out and about give me a shout.  I am afraid to walk into a religious store for fear lightning will strike ;) 

 There ya have it!!  The latest scoop.  I have contacted a few news channels to try and get some shameless plugs out on their websites.  I heard back from a couple so we'll see what is yet to come!!!  Say it with me, gotta sell this house......

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