Friday, January 27, 2012

Mindy and Kelsey's Excellent (Grilling) Adventure!

Yep I am on a mission to turn Kelsey into Martha Stewart while we are living here. Ok, ok not Martha Stewart but I keep telling her that I am gonna turn her into a good wife for some boy down the road.  Hehehee, yeah I know, the 1950's called......
I don't really mean it, I just like to yank her chain.  She always says she loves our grilled cheesburgers so I told her to get ready and I would show her the secret!
Yes, those are my funny bunny pants.  What can I say?  I really like to class the blog up.  They are also tucked in my boots with the fur if you didn't notice that. 
"See Kelsey the key is in the can't be afraid of it!  You need pepper, Lawry's season salt and garlic powder."  Oh great, now that I told you the secret I may have to kill you!

Whoa look at me! I am flipping the burgers so fast the light blurred behind me!  Yep I think she really learned alot that night!  Always happy to be of service.....

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  1. Holy crap! I think I actually have make up on in these pictures! Just a side note....