Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Grand Tour

Ok, we are finally settled in enough to start sharing some pictures.  Without further ado, here is the grand tour.....

Our "front door"

Yep just slide that baby open and start the tour....

The bathroom!

Yep that is the bathroom that all 4 of us are sharing.  We get a little crowded in the morning but it is working out perfectly!

Here's the kids room.  Believe it or not they are doing VERY WELL sharing a bedroom!
Looks a little chaotic here but we have their little organizers and the bookshelves as the dividers so there is no arguing over their own space.

Here is Jake in what he calls the coziest spot in the house...

Annndddd Emma looking awfully cute and cozy as well!

Finally here is where all the magic happens.  Bwwhahahhaa....just kidding!  Here is our room.

Yep that's Ryan's fart sack on top of our bed....I think mom and dad were eskimos in a previous life and they turn the heat way down at night.  I froze my tutu off the first few nights but now I got 'er all figured out and have been sleeping like a baby.

Then once the alarm goes off at 4:45 this is what I see.

Yep that is my treadmill at the foot of the bed.  Nothing like me pounding the pavement at the butt crack of dawn to start everybody's day off! 
I can't believe all the running I have been doing upstairs hasn't knocked this off....

Yep that is Ryan's deer head hanging in the living room.  Look at Ryan and mom admiring it so!

Oh and then somebody got dad going on politics at the dinner table.

Hehehehe, that'll teach dad to make funny faces while I have the camera.

I guess THIS will teach me to take a power nap after dinner :)

Oh my family and their obsession with filling up the sleeping picture photo albums!

So there ya have it.  The grand tour of our interim home :)  We have settled in nicely and everybody is doing well!

Onto the new house update!  We will be placing the final order on our blueprints tomorrow.  Yaayyyy!  We submitted the few changes we wanted and we will sign the contract tomorrow and should have the blueprints in a couple weeks.  Then the REAL work begins!  Whew, gonna take us a couple months to get all our bids and numbers squared away to go to the bank.  It is going to be lots of work but well worth it in the end.  I will be coming at you with many shopping trip updates as Ryan and I start pricing everything out.  Stay tuned......

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