Monday, February 6, 2012

A good start!

So we've decided to start going every week and spending a hundred bucks or so on all those little things that tend to add up in the end.  The little things that you don't really think about until you are finishing up the house and end up getting nickled and dimed to death when you've already spent PLENTY.  I had today off so Ryan and I headed to Lowe's for a little shopping adventure.

This is what we got!

Oh yeah baby we got some door knobs!  We got 3 to be exact.  Now those really are the things that add up in the end.  We will probably need 15 or so and those knobs are $29.97 each.  So buying 3 or 4 each week until we have all of them will be a huge help. 

We also go these!

We got a 6 pack....of smoke alarms!  What were you thinking????  Yep, we got some pretty exciting stuff today :)  I think the whole 6 pack was 65 bucks!  I thought that was one heck of a screamin' deal! 

It is also possible that I went to Marshall's on my lunch last week and got these.
If you could see the glasses we use now you would crack up.  We have a huge mish-mash of random plastic cups that we use.  Oh, and about 6 glasses that I have gotten from some of my races.  I picked these up for $3.99 and just couldn't pass them up.  They are super cute.  I am thinking that we may have about a hundred new glasses by the time the house is done ;)

We had some good husband wife QT today and got alot accomplished.  I think I have my wood floor picked out as well as my cabinets.  Well, I picked out the cabinets I WANT....we'll see if I still want them when I get the price ;)  I guess it does pay off when it takes 3 years to sell your house.  I have had PLENTY of time to already know exactly what I want in every room.

Ryan and I have a 5:30 appointment tomorrow night to go get something that is VERY important to the project completed.  Stop by tomorrow and I will let ya know :)

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