Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dream House Deals: Two For Tuesday!!

Well, well, well...you didn't think I'd be back tonight did you????  Guess what?  I'm baaaaccckkkkk!!!  Bwwhahahahahaaa, insert evil laugh!!  So here ya have it and a 2 fer on the Dream House Deals:

This will be in Emma's new room.  We are going to go with the whole fashion designer theme in her bedroom and I got this picture at Target for I believe $19.99.  I absolutely LOVE this idea because I really think this is something she can grow into.  Hobby Lobby also has a TON of stuff to go along with this.  They have alot of fashion stuff and tons of Paris stuff as well.  I think her room is going to ROCK!!

Onto my next deal.  Now try to contain your excitement cuz this next DH Deal is pretty wicked awesome!!  Hehehehe, ok maybe it is kind of lame but I thought it was a good deal.  This is a towel set that I got for our main bathroom off the great room!!  They are just plain white but they are oh so fluffly and have that spa like feel.  LOVES THEM!!  I believe I got them from Marshall's for $9.99....man I LOVE that place.  Here they are.  Try to contain your excitement!!

There it is for tonight!! On a side note, I have started a little bit of couponing so I am sure to share a little bit of that along the way!  I had several comments from my loyal followers after last night's post and they made me feel all warm and fuzzy!!

I am back and feeling more optimistic than ever!!!  Woohhooo I am going to find that St. Joseph statue before the weekend is over.

See ya'll tomorrow night!!!!

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  1. You only paid $9.99 for the whole set. That is a steal!