Thursday, June 30, 2011


That is me saying good bye to another potential buyer!!  Hahahahha, the last guy that kept stopping by without calling the realtor called tonight to tell us that he is renting another house.  Ryan thought it was courteous of the guy to let us know.  Me???  I said uhmmmmmm thanks for the news flash captain obvious..... 

 Like I really thought that cat was going to come back with a pre-approval letter.  Once I got in touch with our realtor and let him know the scoop he said there was probably WAY more to that guy's story than we would EVER care to know!  So....onto bigger and better buyers :D

Remember that whole blue light special thing?????? 

Yep we just re-signed with our realtor and dropped the price to $154,900.  I hope somebody is prepared to make a full price offer cuz that is as low as we can go!!! Ugghhhhhh, oh well I have a good feeling about this.  Oh and Doug (our realtor) came out and took some new summer pictures of the outside of the house.  Hopefully it will drum up some business.  Wait....maybe THIS will drum up some business!!
Just sayin'.......

Well there ya have it.  These are the days of my life :P   My mamacita thinks we should rearrange the living room to make it look bigger.  Looks like me and Grandma Peg are gonna bust out the sliders on Monday and move some furniture!!!!

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