Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can you hear the crickets chirping???

I know I can hear them chirping!!!  That is the sound of....NOTHING.  Yep pretty much absolutely nothing! 
(ok I gotta admit that picture is totally freaking me out!!)
Yeah so I really don't have anything to update you on on the home selling front!!

Yep, we reduced the price yet again and absolutely ZERO action since then.  Hmmmmmmm, don't know!!  I have been watching the sales in the big town of Pburg and it looks like things have been REALLY slow everywhere! 

Not only did we reduce the price but Doug took some new pictures, so maybe that will help.  What do you think??  Well if the price reduction doesn't work, I might be back to that whole billboard idea :P


  1. Hey guess you just gave out the link to your page.........
    Just in case you see someone scoping out your house tonight!

  2. Maybe it is like having trouble getting pregnant. Just forget about it and go on with the rest of your life. Suddenly it happens! Hope so :-) Aunt Marian

  3. Hehehehe that is a great idea Aunt Marian!!

    Ooohhhhh you did Katie??? Nice work :D