Monday, July 18, 2011

1/3 of a year!!

What is 1/3 of a year you ask???  Well that is how long it has been since we showed our house (and that last clown that wanted to lease the house does NOT count) :O 
OOOOO EMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEE!!  Can you believe that???  Holy cow, 4 months is a REALLY long time.  I am usually the glass half full sort of girl but that glass is starting to look slightly half empty.  I just keep telling myself to stay positive.  To be honest....I have actually just stopped even thinking about it or caring for that matter.  I know that sounds REALLY bad but my thinking is, maybe it will happen if I quit thinking about it.  So, we'll see how this rocket scientist plan works out for me :) 

 Maybe I should start hounding the news channels to do a story on my blog and maybe that will draw some interest.  Orrrrrrrrr every single one of you that reads this, needs to share the link to my house with all of your friends on FB!!!  Hey I never said I was below asking for YOUR help.  I've said it before...I NEED YOU!!!!

Soooo here it is...copy and paste this for the masses in your FB world to see.  Hey ya never know!!!  One of your friends could be looking for a house just like mine.  Without further ado.....

Ok while I was looking through my previous pictures on the blog I came across this:

It has been so long I forgot about this chair.  Ugghhhhh I love this and REALLY want to put it in my new house.  So let's get this baby sold!!

Oh and this too:

I cannot wait to hang this picture in the new homestead as well.  As a matter of fact I needed a place to put this so I took it to mom and dad's and mom has it hanging in the living room.  I just have to say that it looks really good too in her living room.  I worry that if I don't have a new place for it, it could end up a permanent fixture at Grandma Peg and Grandpa Tom's ;)

Sooooo, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.  Bwwwhahahaha, isn't that from Casey Kasem's weekly countdowns??  How cheesy is that?????

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