Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Work in progress!!

Ok, so we did decide to paint.  We DECIDED to paint just haven't done it yet!!!  My mamacita came over Saturday morning and we decided to rearrange the living room first (before I went to get paint).  While rearranging the living room we realized what we really needed in the living room was MORE LIGHT!!!  My poor lamps are a hot mess but I refuse to buy new lamps....that is until I am buying new lamps for my NEW HOUSE!!  What's that you ask?  Yes we will eventually have a new house...I just may be 60 :P  Anywho back to my lamps.  Aunt BJ and I hit the road to pick up some paint and my mom and dad went home to find me some lamps and end tables (for some reason my mommy wasn't loving my TV trays as end tables).
My mom and dad have these lamps that were my great grandma's and we all thought they were very cool but just weren't the right colors.  So I not only picked up paint for my cabinets but got paint for the lamps.  Are you ready to see them???  Here they are!!

They were cream colored and had a couple gold stripes and the flower was pink and the leaves were green.  Soooooo we decided to paint them a bright white.  I really LOVE the way they turned out.  However I think they might need a couple new lamp shades.  Here is an up close picture of the flower....

  Not sure what it is but I think they are pretty sweet!!  I will take some pictures of the new living room arrangement when my little monsters aren't running around like wild indians!! 

In the meantime my new and improved kitchen is going to remain a work in progress!!


 Well I am always looking for painting volunteers, so just raise your hand if you want to come help!!!


  1. Love the lamp. I'd raise my hand to help paint but having cataract surgery on Thursday - so I guess I'll just wait a while to help :-) Aunt Marian

  2. The lamps are so beautiful now--those shades need help!