Thursday, April 7, 2011

"This replaces the naughty bag......"

So, this post has absolutely nothing to do with selling our house, shacking up with the 'rents, dream house deals or raccoon invasions but it is pretty funny.

My dad got my SIL and I a cute little make up bag and they said NAUGHTY on the side of them (ya know the whole naughty/nice thing).  I have a habit of leaving my makeup bag on my desk at work in case I need to freshen up my lip gloss through out the day!!!  The girls would walk by on occasion and remind me that my naughty was showing if the wrong side was showing in my office.  I didn't want to give anybody the wrong idea with the whole naughty thing.
Well a couple weeks ago I was apparently chewing gum, walking and trying to throw a couple water bottles away in our outdoor garbage cans.  I also had my NAUGHTY bag under my arm and managed to throw that away as well.  I spent an hour the next morning trying to find it and Ryan finally found it and dug it out of the garbage.  Needless to say it STUNK like serious garbage.  I decided my best bet was to throw it away and go with a temporary bag.  Sooooooooo this is what I have been carrying around for the last month:

Then I got to work today after being out sick for 3 days and this is what I found in my mailbox:

With a post-it note that simply said, "this replaces the naughty bag"!!  So I gotta give a big shout out to KC for my sweet new springy make up bag.  THANKS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!


  1. Girl, you and your plastic bags! You gots some good people over there in ME, though.

  2. OMG Bebe, I didn't even think about my plastic bag obsession!! Someday I will make you proud :)

  3. So glad you liked it! You should for sure make sure it's handy next time you have a margarita :)
    Yeah Buddy, rollin like a big shot!!!