Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Staged, stocked and ready to rock!!

Hola my long lost blogger friends!!!!  Well, after 3 long weeks of abso-freaking-lutely nothing....we HAVE A SHOWING TOMORROW!!!!!  Wooohhooooo, can I get a HOLLA?!?!?!?!
Why wouldn't we have a showing tomorrow??  I didn't sleep much last night and all I thought about was coming home and taking a nap after dinner.  Welllll instead of a nap this evening I got to dust, mop floors and scrub the toitys!!!!  Hahhahaa, really I am not complaining.  After all, it only takes one!!  Oh and I didn't make my usual trek down to Costco for froyo and awesometastic flowers so here is my table with my faux flowers from Target.  Not as sweet at Costco but it'll do donkey (in the words of Shrek). 

Sweet baby jesus if you could see our table up close and personal you would feel for me.  We have had that table for a good 7 years or so and I believe it was a floor model at Lowe's.  Seriously our paper plates stick to it when we have really hot food on it.  Heeehehehehe, have no fear I will have a high quality table for our future dining room!!

Here is our master bedroom!  The real reason I am going to share is because I staged the bedroom as I normally would.  Keep in mind we aren't showing 'til tomorrow.  However Ryan will be the one to make the bed before the peeps show up tomorrow.  Bwwwhahahahhhaaaaa he told me I needed to make sure it was all made up when I left in the morning so he would remember what to do when he got up to leave for the potential buyers to come.  So, I am taking a little poll......who thinks MY staged bed will be better than Ryan's????  I am going to leave the camera here tomorrow and make him take a picture when he is done.  So, here is my finished product!

As always keep those fingers crossed!  I'll be sure to post some pictures of Ryan's master staging tomorrow!!  Oh and I'll give you a tv show update tomorrow as well!! 

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