Friday, April 29, 2011

Kiss the cook!!

Tomorrow is our big cook out!!  So for those of you that we invited over (and didn't give the heads up that you are going to be on camera) be prepared that we assume you are going to be people that will help us out on our new house!!!  Sooooooo you are going to be part of the video that showcases ALL of those people that will help us out through the whole DIY house building project.  Get your close-up faces on and smile pretty for the camera!!

I am SURE tomorrow will provide me with some seriously funny blog fodder so be prepared.  I am going to take tons of pictures and share the wealth!!

What's on the menu, you ask?  Well about 120 chicken wings, the mother of all pork loins and a whole lotta salads and dips!!  Yeah, that's how us country folk roll!!!

Hopefully the weather cooperates and nobody swears too much (ahem uncle Paco) and the video provides PLENTY of entertainment!!  Stay tuned....

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