Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am feeling oddly optimistic!!

I dunno what it is but for some reason I am feeling REALLY optimistic about the showing today!!  As a matter of fact I am kind of wound up all of a sudden.  Ohhhhhh wait.  I bet it is because I just chugged one of these.... 

Call me crazy but that COULD have something to do with it!  Anywho I needed that Rockstar cuz I was up half the night doing this.

 Sorry just had to share that lovely picture again....cuz I was looking so LOVELY after all!!!

Welllllll then I just talked to Ryan and he just went and took the wind out of my sail in regards to these people buying the house...

He said that they were only there for about 25 minutes.  I guess that isn't THAT quick of a walk through is it?  They must have been looking at several houses since they were 40 minutes late getting to our house.  Hmmmm I dunno.....could have only been 5 minutes, right?

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