Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guess what tomorrow is...

Yep, the appraisal is tomorrow....ALREADY!  As I said, they are not messing around.  I am really hopeful that we get the appraisal back quickly.  Does anybody have any experience with walk through appraisals?  If so, how long did it take before you got the number back?

Wow I am kind of still in shock.  As soon as we get that number back and it is high enough we can start packing.  It still doesn't seem real :)  I am sooooooo excited though!

Of course I decided to run around and make sure the house is sparkling.  I think Ryan has gotten over my staging and told me THIS was not necessary for the appraiser...

Ok, ok honey I will NOT put the wine and wine glasses on the bed.  Sheesh, sorry for trying to class the place up ;)  Have no fear...I am still setting the table and adding all my other touches. 

Hey if I have to give the appraiser one of these to get the right number I will.....
Hey I never said I was above bribery!

Finally, onto a complete side note.  Sooooooo HGTV passed on our reality tv show idea but I am currently watching "Selling Spelling Manor".  Really???  This crap is better than a show about us country folk?  I mean come on, that crazy Candy lady had an entire room dedicated to these..

creepy freaking dolls.  Weirdo much??  Oh and just let me say, who needs a 56,500 square foot home?  Apparently the Spelling's.
As soon as I know about the appraisal so will you :)  As always sent me those loyal good luck vibes!

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