Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Up next? The appraisal....

So, sorry I had to stress you all out last night.  Believe me I was REALLY stressed out too.  I think everybody was feeling my pain :)
I am happy to report that the buyer did sign off on the "rent free" portion and sent back to us.  We intialed and sent back and we are officially (I believe) UNDER CONTRACT!
If I could take a picture of myself doing the hillbilly happy dance and post it I would.  Although I am pretty sure Jake would deny being my child.  Soooooooo I will go with the leprechaun instead.  

I am really starting to get excited.  I hope that they come out sometime in the next few days to do the appraisal.  As I said, my hope is that we have the appraisal before Christmas break so we can start moving stuff out.  

So start saving us some boxes and send them our way!  I am really looking forward to my office looking like this again.

 Ok, I am off to hit the treadmill!  Hopefully we get an appraisal date tomorrow.  I might have to take a little trip to Home Goods this weekend to purchase a little something to add to my Dream House Deals!

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