Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I guess tomorrow it is!

Well I still haven't heard anything on the appraisal today!  Sooooooo I guess that means that tomorrow is THE day!!  Holy crap keep your fingers crossed....believe me I AM!!

I am just getting over the flu and am not feeling real creative tonight so I guess that is all that I've got!!  I do have to confess that I am starting to get REALLY sentimental and keep thinking that this is really going to be our last Christmas here so I want to make sure to take lots of pictures.  So I leave you tonight with the "last picture of our Christmas tree here at 3635 Summerfield Rd."

I also have to add that our Christmas tree looks WAY better in person.  Anywho, tomorrow is my last day of work and then I am off until January 3rd.  So, if we get the good word on the appraisal tomorrow then let the packing begin.  Well, that is after I make it through Christmas. 

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