Friday, May 8, 2015

I see a Pinterest fail on the horizon!!

Tomorrow is my son's 12th birthday!  Wow, 12, where does the time go?  So in my usual (set my self up for failure) fashion I took to the interwebs to find an idea for camo cupcakes.  Yeah pffhhhh they look easy enough.  However as I'm sitting here this morning I'm starting to sweat a little bit.  The pressure is building up.  I mean, come on, I took the day off to make this happen. 

Come back later and I'll share the outcome!  Fingers crossed that I don't end up on one of those Pinterest fail websites.  However I'm not holding out hope :P

Anybody ever make camo cupcakes???  Please share your recipe if so.....


  1. Yikes! Not sure about the green part. But I like cake batter and backed too. So I would certainly give 'er a try. Best of luck and happy birthday Jake!

    1. That was supposed to be baked (not backed).