Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photo dump!

I don't really have a whole lotta creative juices flowing (or time for that matter) so you are going to get a photo dump of my most recent pictures.
I will update you with some details tonight in case you care.....

Full back view

Another back view.  Do you notice the soffit and fascia that Ryan got done??

Awwww the patio....if we could just get some concrete we'd be all set!

Our sliding door.....yiiipppeeee!!

Front view.  Do you notice that we have shingles???

Dining room windows.  That little roof over the window will be black metal.

Inside view of the great room.

Dining room.

The sun room.

Breakfast nook and part of the sunroom.  Annddd my favorite patio door again!

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