Thursday, August 1, 2013

Roofs, shingles (not of the chickenpox strain), and stairs OH MY!!

Wow so much for brevity in my titles!  Go ahead and take a break in case you need one after reading that reallllllyyyyyy lonnnnnggggg introduction.

Ok you back?  Here we go.......

The roof is now completely sheeted!!

See the little bundles of shingles up there!  Eff off mother nature!!

A little Estate Gray to match the barn

Soon to be stairs heading up to the bonus room

Anndddd the side view so you get a better idea

If you peek way up there that will be the "future" bonus room (after the kids get jobs)

There ya have it my friends.  We are making huge progress???  Billy said they would be finished on all they could do tomorrow and will just wait for the roofers to get finished and they will be back to put in the doors and windows!!  Yiiippppeeee, holy crap we are getting close to having a home :-)


  1. Your house is almost done! In another month or two, I'm sure everything will be finished and polished; ready to be occupied. By the way, I commend you for choosing eco-friendly shingles! I checked your other posts and saw how wonderful your roof is.

  2. The roof looks great! Definitely approve the shingles; love the Estate Gray! It perfectly matches with your sidings. Have fun with your new home!

  3. Great this is simply awesome house beautiful.

  4. Though it's not yet done, I can already see how wonderful your house will be! By the way, thanks for making an effort to choose eco-friendly shingles for your roof. Such small act is considered a great favor for the world. Hoping for fast and safe construction of your house!

    -Dina @ WoodRoof

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