Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guess what got done at the house today???

We are oh so close...aka circling the drain!!!!  Believe me if you've been one of the poor suckers lucky ones that have been able to spend a full weekend of labor, paid in beer and food, then you know what I mean by circling the drain.  Wow is all I can say.  LOTS of work every weekend.  THANKS AGAIN to those of you that have stuck it out with us <3

Yeah, yeah per usual I am WAAAAYYYY behind on my status update.  I really think about updating ya'll every day.  But then it is time to finally sit down for a minute at night and I pass out ;)

I am going to go to the house tonight and take pictures.  Not just crappy phone pictures but GOOD PICTURES.  I mean, come on,  all of the flooring is almost done.  By the end of the weekend all of the flooring will be done except for the slate floor in our bathroom.  Oh and the carpet in our master bedroom but that is something we are NOT doing ourselves so that doesn't count.  We are oh sooooo close.  We gotta get this show on the road cuz this girl is having December bunco.  HOLLER!!!

Oh yeah back to what was accomplished today.

Yep, the granite dudes came to measure for my countertops!!  Wooohhhoooo!!  I go tomorrow to pick out my slabs and it will be installed by next Friday at the latest.  Which is a good thing according to Ryan and Jarod.  That way they can climb up on my new barstools onto the new countertops to hang my pendants ;)  I've got my eye on them.......


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    1. Thanks! Hopefully it looks good and DONE by bunco ;)

  2. I have this strange feeling that this house after renovation will become one of the most beautiful places to live. Congrats friend! :)

    Sanola Jerry