Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our kitchen Halloween-a-fied!!

Here's the next room in our Halloween tour....the kitchen!!

I'm going to start this off by showing you the sign that I thought would get the biggest rise out of my husband.

Here's the "the witch is in" sign that I though for sure Ryan would have something to say about.  He didn't, so I had to poke him a bit.  To which he answered, always ;)  Hahhha he couldn't let me down.

Here is an up close of the sign.  Guess where I got it?  Yep, the Dollar Tree....ONE DOLLAR!!  As well as some more of the black garland from Pottery Barn.

The first picture didn't do this little guy justice.  So, here is an up close shot of my little chubby owl (don't tell Dillan that I called him chubby though, Conni :P).

Here's one of my favorite things....this mercury glass pumpkin.  I've also got my eye on a mercury glass "poison" jar in the Halloween section at Home Goods :-)

I just picked these up the other day and I LOOOVVVEEEE them.  I can't usually find Halloween kitchen towels I like because they usually have WAY too many colors and I'm more of a neutral girl (DUH, in case you hadn't noticed that!). 

So there ya have it, the kitchen.  I plan on getting some of those adorable mini pumpkins from Kroger to put around the kitchen in some bowls and vases. 

Which rooms do you have decorated for Halloween?  Just a little bit in one room or are you spreading the spooky love around the house???


  1. Okay you are seriously making me want to decorate for halloween! I always wait till Oct 1st but your place looks so fun and festive it's making me want to start early! Where did you get your towels? They are so cute!

  2. I know, don't you love them??? I got them at Marshall's for $1.99 and they had LOTS of different sayings. Soooo cute, you've gotta go get some ;)