Thursday, October 15, 2015

So I couldn't wait to share!

I don't have everything I need for my finished product but I wanted to share what I have thus far.  I finished this dresser in coral and am staging it as a baby changing table.  Can't you just imagine gray walls with this gem against the wall?  I wished I would have done this when by babies were....well babies :-)

There are 9 drawers of storage here....NINE drawers peeps!!  As I said, the lighting isn't great, it is in the garage propped up and it isn't staged perfectly yet but I wanted to show you.

It really is so cute and I'm thrilled with it!  I'm only working a half day tomorrow and am moving into my booth between 2:00 and 5:00.  I've got this big project done and NOW I need to put together my presentation for Saturday!  Wow, it has been a crazy but exciting week.  I'm so excited and hope some of you stop out to see me Saturday at the Home & Lifestyle Shows of Michigan.

And thanks to my fabulous friends Ken and Carrie who are up as we speak helping me get my act together for Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks to my bro, Tommy, for helping me pick this baby up and protecting me on another Craigslist adventure.  Annnnddddd thanks to my dad and whoever else I may weasel into helping me move in tomorrow.  Oh yeah AND to Shawna for helping me paint last night and for providing moral support.  I'm  SOOOOOOO beyond lucky to have such fabulous family and friends.  As I said, go out and follow my blog on Facebook to follow the fun this weekend.

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