Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coupon Sculpture?

Have any of you ever heard of a coupon sculpture?  No?  Me neither!  Not until Kelsey came up with the genius idea of making a sculpture out of all the sweet couponing stuff I picked up at Kroger.  Me, I normally like to stack them nice and neatly, but Kelsey was thinking outside the box.  Check it out:

Uhmmmm barbecue sauce anyone?  Yep I totes needed 12 bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's.  Oh and has anybody ever tried that Yakisoba noodle stuff?  I haven't but they were darn near free so WHY NOT?  Oh and do you see that bottle of Franks?  Yep, that cost me a penny!  The Nesquick you ask?  FREE!

On the flip side you wanna know what I did NOT think about?  Space!  I don't have that nice big pole barn with shelves just screaming for me to fill them up.  Nope, I have this.....

Nope, no room there.  Too much cereal (confession:  I have a cereal buying addiction) and peanut butter and some good ole Atkin's Bars.
Whew, found some room for SOME of the barbecue sauce and ketchup...right next to my 18 cent whole grain pasta ;)  Sooooooo I had to go searching for some more free space.

Lookie what I found....a WEE bit more space.  Another confession:  if I had taken a wider picture you would have found four more boxes of cereal stashed away.

I sure hope mom and dad don't kick us out.....or worse yet.  Call A&E and ask them to send out a camera crew from Hoarder's.

Anybody else find any screamin' coupon deals last week??  Let me know whatcha got!

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