Monday, May 14, 2012

We've been on demolition duty!

Yep, we've been some busy little bees lately.  In case you've never met my husband....I'll let you in on a little secret.  He can't sit still.  Soooooo we've been working on cleaning the hot mess of a ditch along the front side of the property.

Here are the befores:

Yep that ditch was chuck full of gnarly nappy crap!!  Tons of vines and thorns and trees!  Now as we cut everything down we'd chain piles of the brush to the back of the tractor.

Guess who was driving the tractor??

Yep!  Moi :)  Scary I know.  However, I need to know for the record....Do you think my tractors sexy?  Hahahhaha ok, ok so it isn't my tractor.  It's Ryan's new tractor. 

(oh and as a public service announcement...there were no Busch Light's consumed til the heavy machinery operating was done).

Yep do you see honey biscuit in the background hookin' up my load?

Then here were the monsters, being big helpers!

And by helping I mean they were standing around pretending they were Jack-a-lopes!  Google it!

Annnndddddd here are the after photos!

Hmmmmmm looks like there are a group of people over to the right enjoying some barley pops after a day of hard work!
There ya have it!  Looks perdy good doesn't it?  We've done even more work since these pictures.  I will get out there and get some pictures this weekend.  Wait til you see the pile of brush we are gonna burn.  Gonna have to get 2-3 on stand by :P

After we were done we moved to mom and dad's for family dinner and a couple more beers.  Tommy and I came down to the last  beers.  We did rock, paper, scissors to see who got the pick of the last 2 beers.

Yup Tommy lost and got stuck with the Corona!  Do you find it odd that I considered myself the winner cuz I got the Busch Light?  Eh, that's how we roll in the country.
While T and I were fighting over the last 2 beers....look where Ryan was!

Yep, I FINALLY got him to sit still!  Whew it was obviously a hard working weekend!

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