Thursday, August 23, 2012

Of course I need a new patio set!!

Uhmmmm DUH why wouldn't I need a new patio set?  I mean I don't have a house let alone a patio to put it on.  However, don't worry your pretty little head, cuz I did indeed score a brand new patio set for my non-existent house with my non-existent patio :-)

Yep you heard me correctly.  Let me take you back to May....I have been eyeing up this patio set at Kroger for MONTHS!!  Every time my mommy and I would stop at Kroger in A2 I would look at it adoringly.  Annnnnddddd just like clockwork my mom would say why don't you just buy it?!!?  I would shake my head and move on because it was 600 BUCKS!!  Waaayyyyyy too pricey for my blood.
Fast forward to 3 weeks ago.  Mom and I stopped at the same Kroger in A2 and there was the last floor model market down to 299 bucks.  While that was a good deal, it still wasn't cheap enough for my blood! 

Soooooooooo, I stopped at the Kroger in Sylvania the day before we were to head to the Lake for a week of vacation and there it was like a beacon in the fave patio set, brand new in the box for............scroll down.............wait for it........

150 BUCKS!!!!!!!  So what did I do?  I called my mommy again and she said DO IT (read:  I am tired of hearing you talk about it so BUY IT ALREADY)!! 

So, here it is:

Yup I love it!!  Let me tell you that Ryan was really impressed when I told him that we needed to take his truck down to Kroger the next day to pick it up.  I will not go into any details about Ryan and I trying to load it in his truck and me thinking he blew his bicep out again.  We'll just keep that between us!  YIKES!!

Ok, do ya'll like the fact that I have pretended like I haven't blogged for 7 weeks?  I thougt if I didn't point it out, then nobody would notice.

So here is the scoop!  I think we have decided to change our exterior.  We are pretty excited about it.  Not only do we think it is more unique but it is going to save us some moolah :-)

Oh on another note, if all goes well we are hoping to start our barn in September!  Wooohhooooo, I think I am going to have plenty to keep you updated on now.....I PROMISE!!

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