Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Lumber Liquidators:

I really CANNOT believe that you sold out of my favorite wood flooring :(  I am secretly crying over really I am.  Lame, I know!!

Remember what it looked like?

Annnndddd that is what I think about my wood floor sitch or lack thereof!
(WOW, sorry to hit you with that beautiful frightening picture at lunch time)

Ok, ok so it wasn't that I was absolutely in love with the color and couldn't find another color that I liked but I WAS absolutely in love with the price.  Sooooooooo back to the drawing board.  

Anybody know of any other places that sell wood flooring for a screamin' deal???

Onto a happier note.  I just ordered a new camera and it is supposed to arrive on Saturday.  Woohhoooo!! Hopefully it will make me look better than I do in the picture above......MAYBE!
Here it is.

 I am sooooooo excited.  I am sure you are going to have to beg me to STOP taking pictures.

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