Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Go ahead and take your time!!!!

Yeah that title was directed to myself....  

So here is what the outside looks like as we speak!  

Those are shakes in the peaks they are granite gray!

Full shot of both peaks.  Do you see the top window that is trimmed in white?  All of the rounded windows will look like that as well.  I LOVE it!

The garage door (love) and a full shot of the siding.  The siding on the 3 sides is charcoal gray.....a shade darker than the shakes.

And the center peak with shakes and the big dining room window all trimmed out in white <3

Here is a front shot so you can see the two different tones!

Soooo we are just about completely done with the rough electrical and plan to call on Monday for inspection.  Our plumber extraordinaire just finished the rough plumbing and heating and passed his rough inspections.  Michigan Gas came out on Monday and hooked up our gas line AND DTE comes Friday to hook up our permanent power.  Yiiiippppeeeeeee!!!  I am soooooo effing excited.  OH!!  I also ordered my kitchen cabinets and they should be here 2 weeks from Monday if not SOONER!!!

Also, I forgot to mention, that the remaining front of the house that is white will be gray stacked stone.  We *hope* that they will get started on that next week!!

Sweet baby jesus, we are going to have a house here before you know it :-)


  1. How wonderfully exciting for you :-)

  2. Looking good... I like the colors you picked!

  3. wooohoo love the stacked stone look cant wait to see it! i also love your rounded windows, they are going to look fab. I was not allowed to have anything with an arch since husband has a weird hate for them...but i snuck a few arches in secretly MUHAHAHA

  4. Thanks, I was nervous picking the colors out from a teeny tiny swatch. HOWEVER I love the way they came together!! NOW for the brick.
    Hhehehehe you are too funny! Sounds like me and my buying new furniture and secretly sneaking it into every storage space we have. I even hid a new chair for my daughter in our camper until we got ready to go camping and I got busted. He doesn't care that I bought it but we have no more room to store anything ;)