Thursday, September 26, 2013

I usually need a picture!

Sooooooo I love to look through magazines to get ideas for the house.  I usually need a picture to give me some inspiration.  So, I found this picture and really love the idea for my laundry room....

I don't know if ya'll remember these cabinets, but we got these cabinets for the laundry room and my FIL is going to help me paint them white like the picture above (he just doesn't know it yet :P).

So, the cabinets will look perfect.  Then, I got a gift card to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for my birthday and I found the rest of these treasures to make my laundry room look JUST like the laundry room in my picture.....

The silver bar will go between the cabinets to hold my swanky wood hangers cuz as Mommy Dearest said, NO WIRE HANGERS!!!  Oh and look at my wall art that matches perfectly.  You wanna know the best part?  I paid just under 8 bucks for all of it :-)

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