Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Poll!!

I've seen quite a few ads on TV the last few weeks for this swanky new laundry detergent.  It is made by Purex and it is called "No Sort"......

I have to admit that I've kinda chuckled every time that I've seen the commercial.  Mainly because I'd like to write a letter to Purex.  It would go a little something like this:

Dear Purex,

I've been breaking the rules and doing this for years!  With whatever laundry detergent that I couponed that month.  Uhhmmmm and my clothes have always been fine.  (Well except that one time I turned Ryan's skivvies and socks pink, but whatever).  So, tell me what makes this new laundry detergent so special!


(the laundry rule breaker)

Now what I want to know from ALL of you is this.  Do YOU sort your colors???  Now be honest people. 


  1. I always sort--just had too many unfortunate issues :-)

  2. I sort - it's often costly when the colors do run - it's either your favorite that gets ruined, or the one that you really paid for.

  3. I sort. Cotton is the one that will accept all colors that are loose in the laundry. I use a color grabber sheet and those take care of the problems. Polyester doesn't "usually" accept new colors in the wash. If you have colors that have run onto something, do NOT dry. Wash again with soap a time or two with cold water and without any other articles. The extra dye will sometimes come back out.