Friday, May 16, 2014

You wanna know how I quit smoking?

Well obviously I quit smoking so I'd be around for my kids and my hubby for a long, long time!!  However you want to know what helped me to quit smoking and stay that way?  I decided that if I quit smoking I would start saving all that money so we could build a new house.  Now mind you, I had never even talked to Ryan about really building a new house but that was what was going to keep me focused.  So I found the house that I loved and kept it in the back of my mind....and quite honestly I carried a picture of it in my purse in case I got tempted.

Here was the house I picked out to be my motivation!

Sorry this is so small!

And the finished product! 

I have to say that the end product was pretty damn close to that very first picture I chose nearly 7 years ago!


  1. Great job all the way around and you will be healthier to enjoy it for many, many years to come :-)

  2. I agree with Aunt Marian! Love the house and you for having the courage to quit. I had to get a lung infection to quit but what ever works.