Thursday, May 30, 2013

You would have thought it was LABOR Day weekend!!

Whew it sure was a busy weekend!  Not so much for me but for Ryan and his Uncle!  Yep we camped at a local campground that was only a few miles from we could run back and forth if their was work to be done!  Wellll there was some serious work being done.  
Ryan's Uncle decided last weekend that he really thought we had a ton of fill dirt out on the property because there were soooo many high spots and we just needed to push the dirt (we were really starting to think we were going to need at least $7,000 worth of fill....YIKES!!!).  Annndddd since he is an equipment operator by day he told us he would push the dirt around with a bulldozer if we rented one...on Memorial Day weekend.  Now that is one nice offer :-)  So we got on the horn and had a bulldozer delivered at 8 am last Friday.

Here is the bulldozer in action!!

The first thing he worked on was back filling around the barn on stilts!  

Back filled barn

Seriously doesn't it look awesome???  Gone are the days of our barn on stilts ;)
Next up it was time to pull all the dirt from the high spots and push it around the foundation so it is there when we are ready to start back filling!  Check out these piles (sounds kind of like a personal problem, I know!)
View from Wells Rd

Check this out!  This is the view from the road!  Remember how far the foundation stuck out of the ground?  
Here are more dirt piles on the back side of the house.

South side view
Here I am standing on the South side of the house actually being able to look DOWN into the foundation!

Much more has happened since this weekend however I am running out of time.  I will catch you up later!!

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