Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I was like THIS last night!

This is what I felt like last night.....

Yeah I felt like my kids on Christmas Eve!!  I fell asleep right away but it didn't last for long!  You wanna know why?  Cuz I knew that these dudes were coming today....

Yep Ford Builders showed up today and started building our house :-)
I didn't dream of sugar plums or anything like that!  I dreamt of back-filling, shoveling and houses being built and quite frankly, I.COULD.NOT.WAIT.

This is the shot from the front!

Annnddd this is the shot from the back!!

They got all the beams put in today and all that fancy lumber and "stuff" around the outside and according to Billy, the deck should be on tomorrow.

Stick around I'll show you where we're at tomorrow night!!  Yiiipppeee!  I sure hope I can sleep tonight or this is going to be a looonnngggg process :-)

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