Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let's start with the bilco door!

I have seen plenty of bilco doors once they were installed but I had no idea what they looked like prior to being installed.  
Well in case you were dying to know, this is what it looks like!  I was at work on Thursday when it was delivered and put into place so all you get is the finished product.  I believe dad got some action photos but I don't have those with me today!!

Fast forward to Saturday and it was time to dig the trench and run the tile.  Ryan didn't sleep that day and came straight from work and was a bit on the crabby side. 
He got even crabbier when the manual digging seemed to go on forever.  As always, we were thankful for our fantastic family and friends for coming to help!
This picture below just gives you a little perspective on how far we really had to dig.  This wasn't even all the way.  We just wanted to get it far enough away from the house so we didn't have to dig even deeper once the house was back filled!

Whew, time to head back to work.  However I will show you the inside view of the bilco door in my next post!!

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  1. Constructing a house is really a though job! Thanks for sharing friend!