Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It NEEDS to stop raining....NOW!!!

Ohhh Emmmmm Geeeeee!!!!  Seriously I have had it with all this rain.  Of course it is going to be the year of the mother effing monsoon the year that we decide to build a house!!  You wanna know what's not good?  When inches of rain lay on the floor of your brand new house every mother bleeping day for weeks on end!!  We've all taken a turn on the end of the push broom for the last few weeks trying to keep the deck dry.  Wow, it is making me crabby.  Not to mention we had (according to Ryan) 6-8 inches of water in the basement today.  So you know what he decided to do today?  He decided to dig the rest of the trench and run the rest of the tile.  Once he did he said the water just started to run like crazy.  Now it is going to delay the concrete floor being poured early next week cuz it is like a wet dungeon in the basement!!!  Grrrrrr!!  Sorry about that but I feel much better.

I mean it could ALWAYS be worse, there could be snow on the ground.  But come on this has got to stop......so we can start whining about it being too dry :-)

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