Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We've got a basement floor!

Yup we are making progress!  Wow it was a scorcher yesterday and there was a ton of activity happenin' at the house.  The guys were working on the rafters and the crew was there to pour the basement floor.  

Here are all the action photos.  Wow that looks like one helluva messy job let me tell you!!  Anywho, they got 'er done FINALLY after a long day.  I will post the finished product after I stop on my way home.  Rumor also has it that they set the trusses on the garage today.  Can't wait to see it......


  1. Wow, I am really excited to follow along with your blog! We are also building in Michigan and we expect to break ground late next month. I stumbled upon your blog while looking at other building blogs. We also have two kids and will be displaced during the building process... this whole thing is nuts and will probably drive me to drink... ha! I don't have many blog posts because we haven't broken ground or really making selections, so there's not much to say as of yet but I do plan to document the process. It's nice to read along with someone going through the same thing. Cheers!

    1. Hi and welcome Kimberly!! I am always excited to get new readers. That is very cool that you are in Michigan too. It really is a crazy process but sooooo exciting and soooo worth it. Stay tuned, it finally stopped raining so they could make more progress and I could get something to blog about. Share the link to your blog so I can follow along :-)